Divorce Parties

We celebrate our engagements, weddings, anniversaries...

now lets celebrate the 'thank god they are gone!'

For all the people out there who want to celebrate an end of an era in pure banter and laughs, then a Divorce party is for you!

What better way to close the chapter and say 'taaaraaaa' than one big whopping party with all your mates. Divorce parties are designed to be a good laugh and a final celebration.

We have designed different packages for both our male & female customers, offering a variety of entertainment for you and your guests. 

We are here to give you a night to remember!

Handy Tip: Share the cost of your Divorce party between your guests (like tickets to your own final show!), or maybe your mates will want to treat you after what you have been through. 


Lads if you have been through the rough and finally can almost taste freedom, then make sure you celebrate the end of a chaper in style!

Think of all the money you spent on the wedding, the flowers,

the stuff you didn't even notice!

You and your mates deserve a night to let loose with some good fun

and laughter!

We have a package for all budgets and the bigger the package, the bigger the fun!

Ladies you did it!

You finally threw that good for nothing to the curb - bye Felecia!

Now what you need is get that well overdue catch up with your bezzies that are all relieved to see the back of him. Let your hair down, close the chapter and bloody slam the door!

We have packages filled with laughter, giggles and some eye candy. Suiting all budget types!





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